Director: Mr. Mandisi Planga

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This section is headed by the Chief Environmental Health Services and is responsible for the following services:

Environmental Health

The Environmental Health is dealing environmental issues in the Municipality The main function of Environment is to identify all those elements in our living environment that can be detrimental to human health and to come up with solutions rectify them. That includes the interaction with other departments to assist in rectifying such conditions. The main concern is HUMAN HEALTH.

Commonage and pound

The municipality ensures that the commonage and pound services are rendered effectively and efficiently. The Municipality is also responsible for the maintenance of all the fences of municipal properties.

Cleansing Services

Cleansing Services includes the following duties:

  • Waste management
  • Cleaning of parks and open spaces
  • Cemeteries
  • Nature reserves (i.e. Bestershoek)


Consists of two Sections controlled by a Chief Protection Officer.

Section 1: Traffic and Licensing

This section consists of four divisions namely:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Drivers Licence
  • Roadworthy Station
  • Motor Vehicle Licensing

The National Road Traffic Act of 93 of 1996 governs the above.

Law enforcement

The main objective of this section is to ensure law and order on our roads moreover, protecting and serving the communities. Law enforcement is very operational including different programs such as:

  • Law enforcement in the form of visible policing
  • Speed Measurements
  • Road Traffic Safety
  • Scholar Patrol
  • Junior Traffic Training Centre
  • Multi Media
  • School Debates
  • Driver of the year
  • Escort Duties
  • Law enforcement is the corner stone in prevention of fatal accidents through educating the current drivers as well as the future drivers and pedestrians.

Driver's licence testing centre

The section deals with the following on a day-to-day basis:

  • Driver's Licence Test
  • Driver's Licence Renewals
  • Professional Driving Permits (PrDP)
  • Learners Licence (Thursdays only)

Please be advised the above mentioned transaction commences with an eye test and should the eye test be failed;

  • The office will advise the applicant on the way forward and issue an eye test result to assist the applicant,
  • The DLTC is a grade B testing with all the Examiners being grade A Examiners.
  • Currently there is no demand for a grade A testing centre and this office directs the applicants to nearby DLTC.

Roadworthy section

This section is serving the Blue Crane Route Community and the neighbouring municipalities as well. The BCRM VTS section as it normally known is a grade A Testing Centre with an average of just over 50 vehicles a month.

Motor vehicle licensing

Licensing of motor vehicles Duplications of Registration documents Roadworthy application Driver's Licence Application Preparation of the different Court Rolls.


This section is serving three BCRM towns. There is currently no fire building and the traffic department shelters them. Service Brake down Cookhouse

This town is currently manned by Mr H Benjamin a full time employee of the municipality and some trained volunteers. This town has the N10, which is a busy national route to serve, and this office is investigating a possibility of establishing a substation to ensure that the response time is much faster. Somerset East This office is in a process of bringing Fire Retainers on board and shifts them across the BCRM Area in order to comply with Fire Act. There is one medium Fire Engine Truck and one Fire skiid unit including a Hazmat Trailer. Pearston: This town is currently manned by Mr Links a full time employee of the municipality and some trained volunteers.


  • 1 Nissan skiid unit and trailer including a Fire container
  • Search, Fire & Rescue
  • Chief of Protection
  • Traffic Control  


There are 6 libraries in the Blue Crane Route Municipal Area.

  • Langenhoven,
  • W.D. West,
  • Dr. Ngcipe library in Somerset East
  • Aeroville library in Somerset East.
  • Cookhouse Public library in Cookhouse and
  • Ernst van Heerden Library in Pearston.

All the libraries offer story hours and holiday programmes at different times of the year. The other big programme that we celebrate is National Library week during the 3rd week in March every year.

3 Libraries offer internet access with printing facilities:

  • Langenhoven,
  • WD West
  • and Ernst van Heerden.

2 Libraries have a Jungle Gym to keep the children busy:

  • Dr. Ngcipe
  • and WD West Financial Services