Acting Director: Vuyani Appolis 

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The Director of Infrastructure is responsible for management of Civil Services, Electro – Mechanical Services and Project Management Unit.

The Department is made up of the following divisions;

  • Civil Services Division
  • Electro-Mechanical Services Division
  • Project Management Unit (PMU)

Overall Key Functions of Technical Services Directorate:

  • Ensuring diligent execution of municipal functions and management of the Department, in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • Discharging all Council and Committee resolutions, statutory liabilities and delegated authority
  • Responsible for the performance management and SDBIP of the Department
  • Supervising the implementation of the Department’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP)
  • Controlling the efficient management of the Departmental Budget
  • Establishing and maintaining a sound management system in accordance with applicable legislation, policies, practices and standards
  • Liaising with and reporting to stakeholders
  • Integrating service delivery

Key Performance Areas:

Civil Services Division:

The section is responsible for maintenance of the following sections:

  • Water and Sanitation: Ensures the purified water is distributed to the consumers and on an annual basis maintain the cleaning and flushing of the reservoirs to improve water quality standards. Maintain the main and reticulation pipeline that feeds the communities.
  • Water Care: Abstract water from the main supply source to the treatment plant. Purifies water and discharge it to the main reservoirs that feed to the communities. Main source supplier originates from Orange Fish (Canal), Bestershoek and Lake Berti, which is later, restored at KwaNojoli reservoir, then to Bestershoek, West View, Khalela and Hill reservoirs.
  • Roads and Storm Water: Maintenance of existing surfaced roads mainly potholes (paved and tarred) and gravel roads (municipal streets and identified farm areas minor roads). This section ensures that the storm water drainage system is cleaned on scheduled time frames on a continuous basis and after heavy rains which blocks the drainage system.
  • Building and Maintenance: This section is maintaining all the municipal buildings ranging from renovations, extensions and maintenance of all the buildings. It is also approving building plans for the community that renovates their houses and also doing a water leaks project which is funded by Department of Water and Sanitation.

Electro-Mechanical Services Divisions

This division consists of Electricity Section and Mechanical Section:

  • Electricity Section: This section is responsible for supplying and maintenance of electricity to the urban areas (all three towns: Somerset East, Pearston and Cookhouse) and rural areas (All vast farm areas in the area where others are addressed by Eskom). It also deals with Occupational Health and Safety functions as the most critical activity in the section and maintains the ageing infrastructure.
  • Mechanical Section: This section deals with the maintenance of all the Municipal Plant and vehicles.

Project Management Unit:

This section mainly deals with implementation of projects identified by council and communities with a funding received from different grants from other spheres of government. The types of projects implemented ranges from:

  • Water and Sanitation
  • Roads and Stormwater
  • Sports and Recreation